When will you deliver my CPM machine? We typically will call you 48-72hrs prior to your surgery to schedule delivery either prior to your procedure or within 48hrs of your return home.

  • Your CPM will need to be set up on a large flat surface (such as a bed)
  • The patient will need to be present, CPM is custom fit to patient’s leg length
  • It is best that a caregiver is also present to review instructions and address any potential trip hazards that were identified

When will you pick up my CPM machine? We will call you on your 20th or 21st day of use. Please note that we will not continue to bill you or your insurance past the 21st day even if we have not yet picked up your machine.

What do I need to do to return my CPM machine? Please call us at 770.991.4417 if you would like for us to pick up your machine prior to the 21st day of use. Please remove all soft goods (the sheepskin cover) as those are yours to keep.

I am having issues adjusting my settings: Please watch this troubleshooting video


What is an EOB? Check out this video from United Healthcare and remember an EOB is NOT a bill.


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